Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Charlotte Fairchild: infection

The Fertility Solution by A. Toth is a free book online for people interested in the possibilities of infection. He treats Candida, or yeast infection, too. But the interesting thing is that he doesn't use The pH Miracle science for this. He will use heavy duty drugs. I would rather go with something like The pH Miracle to lower Candida. It is cheaper and less side effects, I believe. But he offers this free book to help people understand the consequences of infection, and that there is hope. The supplements seem expensive until you go to someone like any MD. Something else that is important to realize is that the body doesn't build up a resistance to choloraphyl, but I cannot take Nystatin or Diflucan because my body built up a resistance to these antifungal drugs. Because of Asian Soybean Rust, and farmers putting antifungal chemicals on the soybeans, this might be more prevalent for people.

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