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Male factor, Age of males with infertility

Google pregnancy and magnesium. Epsom salts has magnesium, and if it is good for someone pregnant, it might be really good for someone trying?

Contact me if you have a baby. For a donation I will make a poncho for you to use while nursing.

The article name for the link following is: Acidity leads to infertility.
The link for an article about age and male factor is on

This supports the article by Barbara Hansen cited on the Silent Infection article I wrote a few years ago.

The article following focuses on Clomid:

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Silent Infections

Some people see advanced as woo-woo, but if Ivy League universities and scientific entities such as NASA, and lucrative businesses like the NFL embrace a science, perhaps it isn't alternative. Perhaps it is ADVANCED. Standard of care is not always advanced. The pharmaceutical industry won't tell you about supplements that are studied and published in peer reviewed literature. I wouldn't call standard of care and the drug industry advanced at this time. Not when the profession isn't honest about what could change lives for the better instead of judging insulin resistance solely on diet and never giving the chance that any good horse would get for a healthy offspring by giving a test to find a yeast infection, which the CDC has called a silent infection.

Lorenzo Odone died May 30, 2008. His father inspired me to do this research below about yeast infections women commonly have. Women aren't tested much for it, and then when a baby is lost they are not tested for it. So much more research has been done to help horses than to help humans with yeast. I found a little research that I share in the article below. These issues are taboo with doctors, pharmacists and their corporations, so far. Monistat is only for Candida Albicans, but there are other yeast infections people can have.

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If I could go back in time, I would rather do a green diet and vitex than all the drugs and surgeries (procedures) and exams and miscarriages I went through. The stats are better for vitex for women, and L-carnitene for men than for all the medicines doctors are giving now. People are happier, as well with these supplements.,2933,361148,00.html

fertilityfair(at)yahooDOTcom is my email to purchase Fertile Prayers as an ebook.
Barnes & Noble and Amazon are selling the paperback around $60.00.

Below is the article about low grade infections and miscarriage, infertility, stillbirth and sterility.

Charlotte Fairchild Many Infections are Silent (c) 2005

Many infections are silent, symptomless. An infection does not need to be sexually transmitted to be listed in the STI/STD category(CDC, 2004) or to have been found to cause infertility in horses (Google, 2004). Humans have not been studied as extensively? An example: horses infected with Candida from fescue and/or caterpillars become infertile. (Google, 2004) Common infections, as well as sexually transmitted infections might well disrupt hormones, and decrease fertility. The research for common infections in humans affecting FSH (Folicle Stimulating Hormone) has yet to be done (urinary tract infections, yeast infections, dental disease, colds, to name a few). If there is a relationship to fertility and common infections, one test will not close the door to treatment, as well as hope for many women to give birth to their genetic child. It may instead open the door to better health. Perhaps the pH Miracle and alkaline diets will change the milieu of sterility, stillbirth, infertility, miscarriage.

Most women who reach menopause will have high FSH levels. Follicle Stimulating Hormone comes from the pituitary in the brain, and is necessary for ovulation in women. Higher levels spell menopause and the end of ovulation. Some women have higher levels as soon as their 20s and other women have normal levels in their 40s. The women with higher levels find it is difficult or impossible to have their genetic children. Little research has been done directly for factors of FSH levels. So much has been written about the age factor, when perhaps there is more. (Hanson, 2003) Perhaps infection plays a role.

Four studies gave differing views of infection and FSH levels. HIV infected women had higher levels of FSH in one study. (Salmassi, 2001) Cattle had normal FSH levels, but still fewer and smaller follicles with a uterine bacterial infection. (Sheldon, 2002) (The FSH levels may have been different, but the effects were similar, because fertility factors decreased in each study.) FSH is related to viral replication time (Wang, S.W., 1995). “Our findings reveal that endotoxin interrupts the follicular phase of the cycle by interfering with several steps in the preovulatory chain of endocrine events.” (Karsch, 2001) ########


Google. Search: Horse fungal fertility, results 1-10 of about 11,400. March 25, 2004. (many are in peer reviewed journals) Mar. 2004 Mar. 2004 full text Mar. 2004

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Exploitation Resources, protecting fertility

This subject is taboo in so many places with so many people. Imagine that people with money and power could stop the kidnapping, and buying of children, people worldwide. Imagine men being able to end the abuse of other men that runs this great engine of the sex trade in the world.
1. Dan Allender: Bold Love: Wounded Heart: Healing Path. Dan Allender is a psychologist and theologian, who writes about Christian response to sexual abuse.
2. David Batstone: Not for Sale.
3. Marion Carson and Ruth Robb: Working the Streets. (Marion Carson is a Scottish Theologian; Ruth Robb founded projects ministering to women and prostitution in England. Together they write a manual for those feeeling called to reach out to people in prostitution.)
4. Melissa Farley: Prostitution, Trafficking and Post-Traumatic Stress.
5. Edwina Gately: I Hear a Seed Growing. (Edwina Gately is a Catholic lay-worker who founded "Genesis House" and writes beautifully about her journey towards ministry to people in prostitution in Chicago.
Victor Malarek: The Natashas.
7. Cynthia Mather and Kristina E. Debye. How Long Does It Hurt: A Guide to Recovering from Incest and Sexual Abuse for Teenagers, Their Friends and their Families. (Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1994)
8. Brennan Manning: Ruthless Trust.
9. Henri Nowen: The Return of the Prodigal: The Wounded Healer. Here and Now. The Inner Voice of Love. Turn my Mourning Into Dancing.
10. Francine Rivera: Redeeming Love.
11. John Sanford: Deliverance and Inner Healing.
12. Elaine Storkey: Search for Intimacy.
13. Phillip Yancy: What's so Amazing about Grace? Rumors of Another World. What on Earth Are We Missing?

Please check this one out and tell me what you think. Notice it is K A R M A.
karma Sutra - Essays From The Margin (Paperback)
by Rajendar, Menen (Author)

5.0 out of 5 stars 2 customer reviews (2 customer review

The Protection Project: The Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) based in Johns Hopkins University, monitors the laws in most countries of the world: how effective they are, how they are implemented. There are good stories and case studies--and you will find Sasha's story (2002) here. (Go to "commentary" and scroll down.)
The US Government's Trafficking in Persons Report. Every year, all the US Embassies in the world are required to submit a report about the countries where they are located, ranking them on the progress they are making towards eliminating trafficking in persons.
Veronica's Voice: This is a project, based in Kansas City, KS and founded by Kristy Childs, who was a victim of prostitution.
Emmeaus Ministries: This project was founded by John Green, a Catholic layman (married to an American Baptist woman) ministering to men in prostitution in Chciago.
Treasures: Founded by Harmony Dust, who was a stripper, this project ministers in strip clubs in the Los Angeles area.

Human Trafficking. Lifetime TV
Lilya 4-ever. By Swedish director Lukas Moodysson, about a teenager traffficked from Eastern Europe to Sweeden.
Trade. About international trafficking.
Fields of Mudan. Very moving independent film about a child victim of trafficking.

HOPE frees us from the need to predict the future and allows us to live in the present with the deep trust that God will never leave us alone but will fulfill the deepest desire of our heart.

When I trust deeply that today God is truly with me and holds me safe in a divine embrace, guiding every one of my steps, I can let go of my anxious need to know how tomorrow will look, or what will happen next month of next year. I can be fully where I am and pay attention to the many signs of God's love within and around me. Henri Nouwen. Here and Now, p. 33.

"When you come to the edge of all the light you know and are about to step off into darkenss of the unknown, faith is knowing one of two things: there will be something solid to stand on--or you will be taught how to fly."

How Long Does It Hurt: A Guide to Recovering from Incest and Sexual Abuse for Teenagers, Their Friends, and Their Families by Cynthia L. Mather, Eliana Gil, Kristina E. Debye, and Judy Wood (Paperback - Nov 29, 2004)
Buy new: $17.95 $12.21
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4.8 out of 5 stars (10)
Excerpt - page 126: "... into the sunset once the abuse has ended. You don't stop hurting just because the abuse has stopped. ..."Surprise me! See a random page in this book.

I am including this because this deals with children who are molested, and so many people who are involved in exploitation are children.--Charlotte

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Check out Fertility Blend and the stats Stanford U. has for pregnancy.

I am going to be making ponchos for building a youth activity center in Indonesia for my friend, Totok Wiryasaputra. I have known him for since 1986. Please look at to find out more about the work that can help a country that has tsunamis, earthquakes, a large homeless population, mud volcanoes, fiery volcanoes, and so many displaced people.

Please contact me at fertilityfair*at* yahoo dot com to order.

A good friend and relative of my husband offered to do a splash page for me. I have so many blogs and one website! I decided not to add anything else. I will add this blog so if anyone is interested, they can check out the other blogs I have. (Indonesia) (free art book by Florence Seymour) (commercial) (free calender recycling book) (free recipes) (commercial)

September 16, 2008
The Fertile Soul on The Today Show!
We are delighted to make you aware that the NBC Today Show will be airing a series on complementary medicine on September 16th - 18th. The program tomorrow, the 16th, will feature interviews with Dr. Lewis, footage filmed at a Fertile Body retreat held in Phoenix in July, and have as live guests in-studio two past retreat program participants, one who conceived naturally, and one who conceived using natural and Western medicine.

The Today Show airs in most markets from 7a – 10a daily. The segment will probably air between 8 and 8:30, but there are no guarantees. Some markets air live, so the central region may see it at 7 or 7:30 (with the Show starting at 6a). It also is always a possibility that the segment could be pre-empted by other programming. We suggest you find your local listing as there is not a hard and fast rule we can give you.

We will look into purchasing rights to put the segment on our website and make it available to you as quickly as possible afterward if you are unable to view it live.

Part of The Fertile Soul's mission is to build greater awareness of the ways in which Chinese medicine can support fertility and living with intention, and we are grateful to the Phoenix retreat participants and former patients for being willing to share their very personal stories.

Wishing you continued hope and new awareness and peace. For information regarding our next Fertile Body retreat, scheduled for October 26 - 30th in Asheville or for details regarding any of our treatment programs, please email

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Reviews of Fertile Prayers for personal reference! for Fertile Prayers as a $4.95 ebook.
The paperback only is out of print, but still available on Amazon.

These reviews that follow are for Fertile Prayers.
1. I read it in one sitting, and cried for hours because it touched me.-- Helena
2. Most people who don’t go through this don’t understand.—Gary
3. It worked! Thanks!—Brooklyn, who sent $50.00 for books for other people.
4. You are truly anointed.—Sharon Sanderson (
5. I read it in one sitting, and drank for a week.—Ed
6. I read it like I was supposed to, and it helped me carry twins.—Ed’s wife.
7. It is something I read every day.—Louise, my aunt.
8. I want a copy.—Mom, after she heard my aunt.
9. Thank you so much for this book.—Jill, who just adopted.
10. We don’t have children, but we are using this book to help our friends.—Al, a librarian.
11. I didn’t understand, until I read it.—Lidia a seminary graduate
12. This is an exciting book, and I tell everyone about it.—Bo Prosser, minister
13. We are here to help you with your family.—Focus on the Family sent this letter to me, if anyone wants a copy, please call me at 770-289-5306 and I will fax the letter to you. They have a copy of my book!
14. This book will help millions, and I hope you have a wide readership. Dr. Cecil Threadgill, seminary professor.
15. Thank you for this book. Milton Snyder, Chaplain retired.
16. I am reading this book, and it is good.—Bruce, father of two
17. I want it! Denise, who wants a baby.
18. I want one for my mother, my friend, and myself.—Ursula, professor
19. It has an index? I didn’t know that!—Doretha, mother
20. This is a special book.—Stephanie Doski, former President of NE Florida RESOLVE Jacksonville, Florida local chapter.
21. A candid and heart-felt approach to praying honestly in very trying situations. This book could help so many couples re-connect with God.—Rev. Ed Swehla, UMC pastor.
22.Thanks for writing a “real book about the trials and tribulations of procreation. Your book will help save many well deserving people from emotional self-mutilation.—Diane, mother of a special child
23. It certainly addresses a critical pastoral need. I hope it will find its way to those who need to be reassured and encouraged.—John Claypool, theologian who died a year after writing a letter in his own hand on letterhead stationary from Mercer University. He has so many wonderful books still in print, and I am blessed to have met him, and gotten this blessing from him.
24. A woman who lost two and is very young. The woman with 12 miscarriages, the woman molested by the minister of music (all denominations have molestation by some ministers, and this can be easily verified by search engines, or by books like When will the Hurting Stop by Mather).
Many people just wrote, “Thank you! We would like to get this support at church!” These comments have warmed my heart, as people buy Fertile Prayers: Daily Fertile Prayers which is out of print but still online as an inexpensive ebook or paperback with a much higher price. Grandparents buy it to pray for infertile grandchildren many times. Blessings, Charlotte Fairchild Liphart.

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Charlotte Fairchild recommends Take Back Your Temple

Kimberly Floyd has written a book called Take back Your Temple. It is written for people who have a low income in order to eat healthy on less money. She is a nurse. Ask your library to order it, please.

Anything to be healthy will give a woman a better chance at being pregnant. I don't know if she mentions kudzu or the William Shurtleff book The Book of Kudzu, but that would help as well.

Nothing helps Candida more than chloraphyll.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Charlotte Fairchild: infection

The Fertility Solution by A. Toth is a free book online for people interested in the possibilities of infection. He treats Candida, or yeast infection, too. But the interesting thing is that he doesn't use The pH Miracle science for this. He will use heavy duty drugs. I would rather go with something like The pH Miracle to lower Candida. It is cheaper and less side effects, I believe. But he offers this free book to help people understand the consequences of infection, and that there is hope. The supplements seem expensive until you go to someone like any MD. Something else that is important to realize is that the body doesn't build up a resistance to choloraphyl, but I cannot take Nystatin or Diflucan because my body built up a resistance to these antifungal drugs. Because of Asian Soybean Rust, and farmers putting antifungal chemicals on the soybeans, this might be more prevalent for people.

You can find out a little more about this on the links on my site