Thursday, July 05, 2007

Reviews of Fertile Prayers for personal reference! for Fertile Prayers as a $4.95 ebook.
The paperback only is out of print, but still available on Amazon.

These reviews that follow are for Fertile Prayers.
1. I read it in one sitting, and cried for hours because it touched me.-- Helena
2. Most people who don’t go through this don’t understand.—Gary
3. It worked! Thanks!—Brooklyn, who sent $50.00 for books for other people.
4. You are truly anointed.—Sharon Sanderson (
5. I read it in one sitting, and drank for a week.—Ed
6. I read it like I was supposed to, and it helped me carry twins.—Ed’s wife.
7. It is something I read every day.—Louise, my aunt.
8. I want a copy.—Mom, after she heard my aunt.
9. Thank you so much for this book.—Jill, who just adopted.
10. We don’t have children, but we are using this book to help our friends.—Al, a librarian.
11. I didn’t understand, until I read it.—Lidia a seminary graduate
12. This is an exciting book, and I tell everyone about it.—Bo Prosser, minister
13. We are here to help you with your family.—Focus on the Family sent this letter to me, if anyone wants a copy, please call me at 770-289-5306 and I will fax the letter to you. They have a copy of my book!
14. This book will help millions, and I hope you have a wide readership. Dr. Cecil Threadgill, seminary professor.
15. Thank you for this book. Milton Snyder, Chaplain retired.
16. I am reading this book, and it is good.—Bruce, father of two
17. I want it! Denise, who wants a baby.
18. I want one for my mother, my friend, and myself.—Ursula, professor
19. It has an index? I didn’t know that!—Doretha, mother
20. This is a special book.—Stephanie Doski, former President of NE Florida RESOLVE Jacksonville, Florida local chapter.
21. A candid and heart-felt approach to praying honestly in very trying situations. This book could help so many couples re-connect with God.—Rev. Ed Swehla, UMC pastor.
22.Thanks for writing a “real book about the trials and tribulations of procreation. Your book will help save many well deserving people from emotional self-mutilation.—Diane, mother of a special child
23. It certainly addresses a critical pastoral need. I hope it will find its way to those who need to be reassured and encouraged.—John Claypool, theologian who died a year after writing a letter in his own hand on letterhead stationary from Mercer University. He has so many wonderful books still in print, and I am blessed to have met him, and gotten this blessing from him.
24. A woman who lost two and is very young. The woman with 12 miscarriages, the woman molested by the minister of music (all denominations have molestation by some ministers, and this can be easily verified by search engines, or by books like When will the Hurting Stop by Mather).
Many people just wrote, “Thank you! We would like to get this support at church!” These comments have warmed my heart, as people buy Fertile Prayers: Daily Fertile Prayers which is out of print but still online as an inexpensive ebook or paperback with a much higher price. Grandparents buy it to pray for infertile grandchildren many times. Blessings, Charlotte Fairchild Liphart.

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